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About a week ago a made a bag. I was inspired by Saco de Papel by Anve, perfectly simple and clever idea. Isn't paper bag the most unpretentious thing around? And it's basically one-piece construction. Could it be more simple?

Saco de Papel, Anve

I chose much softer, synthetic fabric which imitates leather, so my bag turned out a little slouchy and I had to make additional seams to emphasize the bends. I also added delicate pink lining. It's not the perfection of Anve, but it couldn't be. My bag works best as a clutch, but I'm thinking about adding a fastening and maybe a strap to turn it into a regular bag.

I also cannot wait to put on my favourite shoes of the season! They're waiting in my wardrobe for a better weather.

3 komentarze:

  1. That's such a great idea, and so simple if you think about it - there are quite many other things that could be made if you think about how paper is folded I think... Depends if my machine will take leather I guess ;) Great job on this!

  2. Could you do a tutorial on this?