WARDROBE / black summer

Not in a mood for colour this summer.

Here are some old and new purchases, mostly from H&M.
In fact I don't like buying clothes, especially since I started sewing. Going shopping in my case always looks like this: it's all horrible/it's all beautiful/I want everything/I want to go out now/it's too expensive/it's not worth this money/I don't know what I need/I don't have five tops like this one, do I?

I go shopping for clothes only if I have to (buying shoes is quite different) and this time I had a pretty good reason.
My friend Monika won the H&M Trend Scout competition! She'll be one of the thirteen trend scouts from all over the world to find and shoot best outfits during Roskilde Festival. I'm the lucky one who'll keep her company during this hard work. Yes we're going to Roskilde! For free! Yay.

So I finally have a hat, sunglasses, more tops and a raincoat; wellies are still on my list.

In the meantime I finished a blouse I got from my mum. She made it for herself and didn't like it, so we decided to cut the lining off a bit and make it's bottom elastic. The only disadvantage is that the lining is synthetic and it's oh-so hot! Definitely a piece for cool evenings.
Now it looks like this:

(A lot of exams going on. Praying for an end.)

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  1. This is such a lovely outfit. You pull it off quite well! I am jealous of your sewing skills. All I know to do is use scissors to cut things off. :)

  2. Thank you! Well, using scissors is a massive part of sewing ;)